are composed solely of the bi-product resulting from Steam Distillation or Cold Pressed Extraction. EAI carries two qualities, "Certified Organic" (which follow the USDA NOP Organic regulations) and "100% Pure".


are often referred to as Hydrolats, Floral Waters, and/ or Distillate Waters. Hydrosols are the aromatic water that remains after Steam Distillation. In general Hydrosols are more gentle than Essential Oils and can be used directly on the skin in the appropriate dilution.


are created by our sister company, ELIXENS FRANCE for the purpose of offering a more cost effective replication of an Essential Oil. EAI carries two qualities, "All Natural" and "Commercial Grade" (containing Natural and/ or Synthetic ingredients).


ELIXENS is present right at the source, harvesting a wide variety of fragrant plants through our own fields in France, Ukraine, & Comoros. Being a producer allows us to control volumes & prices for our customers, anticipate production according to harvests, and ultimately offer a larger selection of our own ingredients throughout various Industries.

ORGANIC Mallow Floral Water

New from the Cooperative in the South of France… ORGANIC Mallow Floral Water.

Hydrosols vs Floral Waters

Hydrosols and Floral Waters are often incorrectly described as synonyms for one another, but they indeed differ…

July ’17 Harvest News

In this issue you’ll find updates on Lavender & Lavandin, Neroli, Rose, Thyme, Vanilla, and Ylang.

May ’17 Harvest News

In this issue you’ll find updates on Rose and Citrus.

Website revamp

EAI would like to thank ZYBERCLOUD for the launch of our new and improved website, which we hope visitors will find more informative, easier to navigate, and mobile/ tablet friendly.

Dec ’16 Harvest News

Through this crop report, we wish to keep you posted on ELIXENS aromatic raw material productions and its partners.   Download PDF


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